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Experience Sausalito’s glorious and extraordinary past up-close and personal. Spanning over three centuries, you’ll walk leisurely through historic Old Town along one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world.

So many colorful characters lived here (and still do!), as you marvel at the architecture, historic buildings and stare longingly at the unbelievable vistas across a blue bay.

But that’s just the beginning:  Life-altering events happened here, beginning 300 years ago when it was just a natural harbor in which to anchor and it still is  – only now the ships are glistening pleasure crafts, ferries and container vessels.  And when the fog horns serenade us landlubbers we drift off to sleep in the cool night breeze.

Discover the explorers, native Americans, Mexicans, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese … many who bought, fought, swindled, carved out a life … and built Sausalito into a thriving city.

With its unparalleled location, jaw-dropping views, reminiscent of the Italian Amalfi Coast, with Victorian mansions atop towering treetop hillsides, leafy winding streets with hanging bougainvillea, this romantic, sometimes misty, mostly sunny town hides many secrets – which you will soon discover.

Learn about a booming shipbuilding period during World War II that turned this sleepy backwater village into a bustling city overnight … and then back again where now multi-million dollar homes, yacht harbors and wooden floating houses rub shoulders with cute bungalows and tiny shacks that were hastily built after the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco.

Hear about the San Francisco visionaries who walked the same seaside boulevard that you will. Here were Al Capone’s mobsters, famous rock ‘n roll stars, world-class authors, Academy Award winning actors and thousands of artists, musicians and thinkers – all who found inspiration in Sausalito, or “sittin’ by the dock of the bay … just passing time”.

You might want to be inspired, too, so bring your camera, sketchpad, smart phone and funny bone with you. Plan to be amused and astounded by your guide who knows this town, as only the locals do.

The bygone era of beatniks, hippies, fisherman, swindlers –– and our town mayor, the infamous Madam Sally Stanford –– who sat at The Valhalla bar with her pet parrot on shoulder holding court in her red velvet Barbary Coast restaurant.

Along with William Randolph Hearst, A.P. Giannini, Jack London, Baby Face Nelson, Mick Jagger, and Janis Joplin, this place remains a magnet for creativity and pleasure.

Flash!  it’s the Summer of Love, 50 years goes by so fast (1967 – 2017).  See where it was also celebrated by the Hippies who found sanctuary in Sausalito, and understand why women were afraid to walk the streets for years. Yep, right here in Saucy.

About the historical walking tour. It lasts about two hours. Enjoy the sea breezes wafting across San Francisco Bay, listen to the seagulls, watch for seals and smile at artists, shopkeepers and kids skipping rocks, while your guide keeps you entertained and moving along.

“It’s true, only the locals know where to go and no tour bus driving by can give you as rich, full and fun experience.”   

Drive, hop on a ferry from The City, or take the Golden Gate bus, –– dropping you right at our famous fountain with the two elephants (that’s right!) called Vina del Mar. Here’s where the walking tour begins.

Sign up soon, as tours book up very fast and space is limited. If you have a group or special needs, just ask us, we will try to accommodate.

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