They loved the view and more …

Getting reviews from around the world.  Thank you! 

“Not at all like other tours that are boring, this town is amazing, lots of history and amazing people.”   -BH

“She’s cool and her guides are awesome. A great walking tour!”  -AC

“My relatives are coming to SF next month, and I’ll recommend this tour and the ferry, you bet.”  -SD

“…this tour lives and breathes Sausalito culture and history all the way back to the late 1700s. And it gets more interesting as the decades continue.”  -MH

“…the walk along the Bridgeway was leisurely.”  -SR

“…informative and very enjoyable.”  -TW

“Easy to get into the vibe here; like a little Italian seaside town in Sicily.” -JB

“… was happy to see a friendly face – as we disembarked from the ferry.  Our tour guide was fun!”  -TR

“… a cornucopia of fun tidbits of historical folklore and information about the early days of the town’s initial settlement, as well as countless insights concerning Sausalito’s sometimes checkered past.”  -URV

“All-in-all I would highly recommend this walk to any of my friends — It is a great way to spend a few hours by the Bay.”  -CC

“We have been to Sausalito several time before but never really knew the history there. We learned a lot as we walked by many historic buildings. Our guide, Linda, told us about each of the historic sites and showed us photos of old Sausalito. She also told us many stories.”  -MG