Art Gallery Walk and Painting Class Tour


See Local Galleries and Paint Your Own Masterpiece

Your two hour tour will be led by Sausalito landscape artist, Susan Sternau. You will hear a brief history of Sausalito and the development of its artist community. You will then visit three local galleries as we walk down Caledonia Street to the artist’s studio for a painting class.

The art lesson will last 70 minutes. All materials will be provided which include canvas board (9” x 12” or similar easily-packable size), as well as acrylic paints, brushes, palettes, and smocks for use in the studio.

By advance request, a watercolor class can be taught and those materials (paints, brushes, paper) provided. Students will have table easels and work seated. Susan provides supportive and fun instruction, and will paint a demonstration painting along with the students.

Subject available for painting will be a variety of local scenes. The Golden Gate Bridge, boats, local landscapes and seascapes are inspiring and easy to do. Student ideas for subjects are also welcome. (In this case, advance notice to prepare materials is helpful, although Susan has extensive picture files in her studio).

It’s helpful if everyone paints the same subject with the same materials, but Susan is flexible in accommodating individual preferences.

Students will receive a paper or plastic bag to carry their completed, dry artwork (drying can be aided with a hair-drier, but acrylic paint dries quickly and cleans up easily with water, as do the other materials). Set-up and clean-up for the art project is done by Susan.

Costs and Times

1:00 PM Meeting Place: 1001 Bridgeway, across from Taste of Rome cafe.

Cost: $110.00 per person

Group size: 2-6 persons

About your guide and teacher, Susan Sternau

Sausalito Art Gallery Walk and Painting Class Tour at Susan Sternau Studios

Award-winning artist, Susan Sternau, paints and teaches at her Sausalito garden studio. Located just off the locals’ shopping street, her studio is in a converted Victorian fishing cottage. Susan is also the author of five books on art and architecture: Matisse, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Museums, and Easter Island Sketchbook. Her students have ranged in age from eight to eighty.

Susan’s most famous students were Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who took a lesson with her as part of Buffett’s 75th birthday celebration. Buffett subsequently told her that “she could tell everyone she taught him everything he knows about painting, but that might not be good for her business.” He was one of her more interpretive students, and still displays his Angel Island landscape painting proudly in his office in Omaha.

Susan enjoys introducing students to art, no matter what their level of experience. She paints along with her students, and specializes in a fun and relaxing lesson which has the bonus of creating a unique souvenir you can take home and hang on the wall.

Susan specializes in landscape painting and is fluent in oils, watercolors, and acrylics. She has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Florida, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has done numerous commissions and her work is in many private collections. Susan has been represented by the Heartful Art Gallery and Studio 333.

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